“Every aspect of life is there to push us to greater awareness.”

~David White~


John Selby - John Selby is a psychologist, life coach and spiritual consultant who has developed a number of new techniques for consciousness management and short-form meditation.

Lotus Soul Gym - Edmonton's yoga studio for mind and body education.

Prana Holistic - A multidisciplinary wellness centre that aspires to fill the void left in the current model of health.

Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta - Offers comprehensive training for hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

National Health Practitioners of Canada - Dedicated to promoting the art and science of natural health practices.

American Council of Hypnotists Examiners
- A organization engaging in self-regulation of hypnotists and hypnotherapists in professional practice.

Reiki Training Centre of Canada - Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Workshops taught by Anny Slegten.