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Reiki Courses

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First Degree Reiki Workshop

The participant will be introduced to the philosophy and history of Reiki and receive four attunements. Upon completion of the training, which is given in one evening and one full day, the student will be able to give self-treatment, as well as to others.

Cost (including manual): $175.00

Second Degree Reiki Workshop

First Degree Reiki Practitioners may attend this class. The Second Degree component of the workshop is one full day. The student is required to attend the First Degree Workshop, which will be offered the preceding day and evening as a review, prior to attending the Second Degree Workshop. Three attunements are given, in addition to the four offered in the First Degree Workshop. Students are taught the three Usui Reiki symbols, their mantras, and background.

Cost (including manual): $350.00